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HyPAS Applications

Kyocera MFP with HyPas Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions

Kyocera MFP with HyPas Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions logoTransform you Kyocera MFP with HyPAS-enabled Applications.

Kyocera’s HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), a powerful and scalable software solution platform, optimizes the performance of Kyocera’s award-winning MFPs through custom, integrated software applications that are designed to meet and exceed users specific document imaging needs. HyPAS will transform your Kyocera MFP into a resource designed to evolve as your business evolves – resulting in enhanced information sharing, resource optimization and an improved pre-existing, as well as future document workflows.

Kyocera’s HyPAS platform provides a number of benefits, including:
Benefits to End-Users:
Enables integration of the most advanced solutions, personalized to an organization’s document imaging requirements by enhancing the overall functionality of their Kyocera MFP and improving the productivity and efficiency of its staff.

Benefits to Business Managers and CFOs:
More fully optimized document imaging devices, resulting in a lower cost of operation and more immediate Return on your investment.

Benefits to IT Department:
Seamless integration of Kyocera MFPs with existing network systems, maintaining the integrity and security of not only the user’s documents, but also the network & document imaging device itself.
Kyocera’s Unique HyPAS Platform

Kyocera’s HyPAS is unique in that it offers both Java-based and Web Services-based Software Development Kits (SDKs), providing a more open and flexible platform; enabling advanced integration with systems that are already implemented in the enterprise.

Kyocera device with HyPas Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions image

HyPAS-Enabled Devices:

Select Kyocera MFPs have the capability to use HyPAS technology for the development and integration of strategic business solutions, including the TASKalfa 7550ci, TASKalfa 6550ci, TASKalfa 5550ci, TASKalfa 4550ci, TASKalfa 3550ci, TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 8000i, TASKalfa 6500i,TASKalfa 5500i, TASKalfa 4500i, TASKalfa 35000i, TASKalfa 520i, TASKalfa 420i, TASKalfa 300i, TASKalfa 552ci, TASKalfa 500ci, TASKalfa 400ci, TASKalfa 300ci and TASKalfa 250ci. Certain HyPAS applications are backward compatible with select Kyocera MFPs including KM-5050, KM-4050, KM-3060 and KM-2560.

Please go to the each application page to see a full compatibility list.

Utilizing Two key Technologies

Java™, a programming language that is commonly used for mobile applications, such as cell-phones, provides the capability to embed features and applications within the document imaging device itself. By embedding Java applications within Kyocera MFPs, an existing feature set can be extended with more advanced, feature-rich, server-less capabilities, delivering seamless integration and advanced control capability. Using Java programming language, the Kyocera MFP can communicate with custom or proprietary applications and also with Web Services enabled applications.

By adopting industry standard protocols such as SOAP/XML, HyPAS Web Services offers programmers a developer-friendly environment. Web Service applications provide system integrators with flexibility and interoperability because they can be implemented on a wide range of platforms and using almost any programming language. In addition, using Web Services SDKs, Kyocera MFPs can communicate with other advanced hardware devices which are Web Services - enabled devices such as Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

By combining these two technologies, HyPAS delivers expanded versatility and capability to companies and its staff, allowing for the quick delivery of solutions to market that seamlessly integrate with select Kyocera MFPs.

Kyocera’s Suites of HyPAS – enabled applications are:

Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant is an embedded solution for select Kyocera MFPs that simplifies the task of printing, collecting and analyzing multiple-choice test results using popular bubble-sheet forms.

ColorLock & AccessLock
Organizations can have better control at the device level to manage color usage and access to the specific device functions.

Available free via the Apple AppStore on iTunes, users can scan documents for review and distribution on their iPhone.

KYOcapture powered by AutoStore
Kyocera’s Solution to Capture, Process and Route your Content

PaperTrail provides monitoring of print output on networked Kyocera MFP's and Printers as well as copy, scan and fax activity on HyPAS Enabled Kyocera MFP's. PaperTrail provides a solution to gather usage data which allows companies to control costs and minimize waste.

Embedded Equitrac solution provides simplified print-copy tracking and cost recovery

Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition
Kyocera offers advanced integration with RightFAX; giving users the ability to scan/send documents via the RightFAX server.

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